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Always keep your appointments
. If, for any reason you cannot make your appointment always notify your consultant in order to reschedule and cancel in a timely manner, as it is a professional courtesy. Following an interview, always check in with your consultant for feedback and input.

Many jobs are not obtained in one interview and your consultant can often give you clues on how to sell yourself at your second or third interview. If a misunderstanding develops between you and the interviewer, tell your consultant. They can mediate the misunderstanding and save a potential job interview. Our consultants are employment professionals getting jobs for thousands of people. They know what works and what does not for successful interviews and offers.

No matter how good your resume indicates your work history to be, you must sell your assets to your prospective employer during the interview. Approach the interview and the entire negotiation with a positive attitude. Do not be arrogant or too hard to get, but never undersell your quality. Speak and think in positive terms; offers are extended to applicants for many reasons, but the decision is based to a large extent, upon how the applicant interviews. Applicants who interview well get many more job offers.

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